Monday, 30 May 2016

Science term 2

Description: In room 12 they have been doing seed2table but now room 14 is doing seed2table first I did science and we where learnin how to plant vegetables when it is very cold I worked with Maya and Gaby. I thought that water wasn't the only liquid to help the plants grow. Gaby thought that we could make a sprinkler thing and to help the plants and we could make a greenhouse with nets to keep the birds mouse and other things so the vegetables will grow.

Evaluation: I think that i have done well because of the ideas that me Gaby Maya came up with.

Feedback/feedforward: it is awesome and I loved how you told as how you were working with i think what you will no your science thing it will work.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Maths knowledge

Description: in poutama we have done some math knowledge last week and we have to get over 80% I only got 24% here is my test.

Evaluation: I think I could have done better because I only got twenty four% but for now I'm happy.
Feedback/feedforward:I think u did well but maybe u could make your description longer. Maya

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Science post

Description: In room 14 we have been doing science we have been doing weather science we take a photo of the clouds and put them in the slides. Then we pick an experiment now I haven't done mine but I know what it is and it is

Feedback&forward:I think you did well but next time try add a video but the rest is great. Gaby F
Evaluation: Thanks Gaby but I forgot the experience.😫

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Handwriting post

Description: in poutama we have been doing some handwriting my goal is to be fast because the last time i did the handwriting i wasn't really fast so i though t that if i did it faster i could do better. Here are the photos.

Evaluation: I think that I have done well because it turned out neat but I still need to get faster at it.
Feedback/feedforward:Maya:I think that you did well but maybe you could make your description longer