Monday, 30 May 2016

Science term 2

Description: In room 12 they have been doing seed2table but now room 14 is doing seed2table first I did science and we where learnin how to plant vegetables when it is very cold I worked with Maya and Gaby. I thought that water wasn't the only liquid to help the plants grow. Gaby thought that we could make a sprinkler thing and to help the plants and we could make a greenhouse with nets to keep the birds mouse and other things so the vegetables will grow.

Evaluation: I think that i have done well because of the ideas that me Gaby Maya came up with.

Feedback/feedforward: it is awesome and I loved how you told as how you were working with i think what you will no your science thing it will work.

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  1. Kiana, it would have been nice for you to embed your whole slide rather than just one slide as that would have given us more information about it. Your description is detailed, thanks!