Sunday, 29 November 2015

Troys writers blog post

Description: In my writing group we have been doing poems about anything we want I have three of them and they are my birthday,Minecraft and painting we have a slide that is were we put our poems here are my poems.  Paint 

Different colours
Beautiful colours on the beach with a sunset


Not you again
Dying, Surviving, Building
Creating my home for me to live in
Fast paced

Sneaky & hot

Shooting, dodging, blasting

Teamwork wins the game

Laser tag




Wednesday, 25 November 2015

inquiry blog post

Description: every Thursday we go to our inquiry groups. I am in Rebbeca's inquiry group and what I am doing is music instrements. made out of rubbish I am with hannah and this other girl with blond hair but I forgot her name we made these shaking things I forgot the name and we made a drum set with drum sticks and a guitar and we made some rain sticks and we made a micrphone so that they can sing.

Evalation: I think that what we did good is with the rain stick i spreaded the the blue with the red and it looked beautiful and then I got glitter and put it on it.