Tuesday, 15 September 2015

production post

 description: this week we have been doing production it.I when you create your own design for poutama we have different groups in Elly's group her one is out of africa Rebbeca's is heros and villans.I am in Troy's and he is elements and I am a wind.

Evaluation:I have worked hard and i just finished everything.

big idea:i used some milk bottles and some fluffy stuffing and my top.

feedback/feedforward it's good that your finshed
but next time you need to atatch the stuffing on more
so it dose not come of on the stage. Kate

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Math post

Description: in maths we have been learning multiplication and division we have hundred boards to help just if one of us gets stuck


Big idea: 6rl x 5 = 31 then you swap it into what you like but you have to have the numbers in it we used the hundred boared to salve it out and division. I had thirty kids in total I had six cars one remaining and that is seven cars five in each six cars and one in the seventh car. On the other one I knew my three time tables so I swap them around.

Feedback/feedforward:I like the way you made it clear so I can read and I like that you used you'r times tables. I think you need to work on using more multiplication.kayla😄

Te reo post

Description: in poutama we have been doing Te reo te reo is body parts in maori. I love doing stuff like this 

Here is my video hope you like it

Evaluation: I love doing stuff like this and I love making posters and videos.

Big idea: we have been doing this for the last few days. And we all have been doing great.

Feedback/feedfawrad:I think that it was great but I think that you should add something to the end.kayla

Monday, 7 September 2015

Writing with troy

Discription: on Tuesday's and Thursday's we go into our writing groups I am in Troys writing group we write a story about fish and all that kind of stuff.

Here is my writing

On tv there was breaking news there was a lady swimming but there was a big white shark and then she got pulled down we don't know if we are going to find her and that is all on news oh no what if they don't find her I said to mum they will they will said mum I went up to get my older sister I got her she chased me because I disturbed her beauty sleep the only time when she cared for me was when I broke my arm when I was three so we all had dinner then my older sister lily said mum she disturbed my beauty sleep wow said mum wow.


 Evaluation: when I first saw this photo it blew my mind when all of the fish are together like a huge group.

Feedback/ feedforward: Kiana you have a great story line and focuss on the picture. I think you have good story. In your description you could have added more about the post. Amy

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Production post

Discription: in week 7 poutama has been doing production it is like different discussion between out of Africa heroes and villains but I chose elements when you pick one of those you make a costume and you make a dance. 

Here is my outfit

Big idea:I made a mask,stuff,Cape and I am going to be sowing my top and my skirt so it makes a dress you have different materials so you can make it more style.

Feedfawrad & feedback: I think you did good choosing what materials you are going to use
Next time you could go a little faster.