Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Writing with Kate

There was a little girl she didn't know where she was so she looked around for help but there was 
nothing no noise but swings screching she went to find a place to sleep.She found a house with beds 
she remembered this was her house she remembered her friends and family but now there gone now 
she is scared she was alone. The next morning she went to go find some food all there was is rotten 
apples and pears but she found a nice and juicy Apple she jumped and jumpedshe got it and ate it. 
Now she is thirsty she found a tap drank and drank now she wants to play with someone but no one 
was there but she saw her old friend and she wanted to play with someone too so she walked up to 
him and ask him if wanted to play with her she said yes they had so Much fun but her friend had no where to stay so she asked if she can have a sleepover she said yes she had a double bed. Next morning they had lots of stuff they rebuild there house.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Tic tac toe

Description:at school we have been doing tic tac toe there are two different stages there is questioning and summarising I am summrising and what I have been doing wind tree it is something like this.

 Here is a video if you want to see it video