Sunday, 21 June 2015

Writing goal term 2

Description:This term we were finding our writing goal

Here is a photo of wha we have to do 

Evolution: we have writing groups so in my work shop is we have to make a story of a robot and a man I will show you. Here is my writing.

  • Once upon a time, There was a man named John. He was a evil man. He wanted to rule the world, So he built a robot, he worked all night and he got the robot to work but it was a good robot. So all of his stuff was broken because the robot was dancing it's claws went everywhere .but John had enough so he tried everything to make it be evil but it wasn't successful so he gives up then the robot marched up to the man and said ' there is no such thing as giving up ' the man realised what the robot was trying to say so he tried again and it worked but it doesn't listen now he likes the good robot. And now John becomes nice so does the robot. Now they went out to see the world the robot helped the world. 4 years later John found his true love and her name was Alla they were together.Then they found a dog John feeds the dog and it goes nuts because the dog loves food. but one night John and Alla had a fight then Alla left john now he has been being all yucky but he wasn't being healthy they just eat and eat but John was still sad the dog run to find her John went after him. The dog ran to restaurant and John and Alla have not seen each other for a while. Then they get married they move houses and they have a child. And that is my story.


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Inquiry post

Description: every Thursday we have science we show how we have done and we see what there wonder question is then they find out why we all have to see why there animal does it i am doing bears here it is.

Feedback/Feedforward: ( I really like your post because it has real picture. I think you can speak louder.
From Alyssa)

Evaluation: grizzly bears they are fast they can run up to a bear and kill it. But there was a bear name van he was a strong one he was the one who killed the bear.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

E Te reo

Description: We have been doing our E Te reo post it is when you like ask friends if you like something or not like something like I will show you this is what we have been doing ( he Pai Kia koe Kiki ) those mean do you like cake then we say Ae he Pai Kia Kiki that means I do like cake.

Feedback/feedfawrad you did well on intro/outro but you could improve on sounding like you're talking instead of reading. You also did well on speaking nice and clear. Logan